A new way of creating and distributing content

Financed by

Regione Toscana


06/11/2017 – 05/11/2019



Schoolchain was a research project funded by the Regione Toscana aimed at providing new educational material based on the phenomenal approach and on the model of the flipped classroom.
The role of Mathema in the Homeum Project was to design and implement a working BlockChain network to assure copyrights and digital compensations to authors of innovative educational material.

A new digital platform for the school system that exploits emerging technologies and re-launches the role of the teacher as a creator of knowledge, enhancing the intangible but precious component of didactic creativity.

SchoolChain will allow teachers to support, through the integration of a BlockChain-based transaction and authentication recording infrastructure, a new way of creating and distributing content.

With SchoolChain authors, teachers, editors, students will be able to create original content which, in the near future, following the mechanisms of the sharing economy, can be sold, purchased and used in their own operating environment.


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