Collaborative Intelligence for Safety Critical systems

Financed by

European Commission – H2020


01/01/2021 – 31/12/2024

Total project cost

EUR 3 605 548,32

CISC is here to bridge the gap between AI research and industrial applications
  • Europe is a global leader in the research of (ethical) Artificial Intelligence (AI), but it lags behind the USA and China in its industrial applications. The new Horizon 2020 project Collaborative Intelligence for Safety Critical systems (CISC) seeks to bridge the gap between research and industrial application of AI.
  • Leveraging on the EU’s human-centric AI approach, CISC will provide high-level training to 14 world-class scientists, forging an inter-disciplinary skill set for the development of collaborative intelligence systems and connecting research with industrial applications.
  • Joining a consortium of Europe’s top academic institutions and industry leaders, MATHEMA, will recruit a PhD researcher specialising in Artificial Intelligence applications for Safety Critical systems (such as a railway station or an airport). In addition, MATHEMA plays a key role in leading a case-study on the human-pose recognition contextualized with other (heterogenous) data such as: tabular data, voice and other biometric information.


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