The Florentine company “Mathema” and the last frontier of artificial intelligence: the machine interprets the poet’s triplets and creates drawings on the subject.

The project is called «Beyond Dorè», in a tribute to Paul Gustave Dorè, an artist known for his illustrations of the Divine Comedy. “Mathema used Dante’s Inferno to generate hundreds of images – explains Alessandro Bellini, vice president of Mathema -. To understand this mechanism, it can be said that there is an abstract space in which words and images have their own position. For example, the word “cat” will be close to images of cats, the word “fire” to images of flames and so on. Therefore, by paraphrasing one or more triplets of the Divine Comedy, the program will select a certain region of the virtual space and from there it will extrapolate an image among those closest to the words entered. Simple isn’t it? ».

Not really! But the result shows that the mechanism works. By reading the triplets indicated, the program creates a series of snapshots of the Poem, with a common style but different details. “Mathema’s ambition – explains the president of Mathema, Antonio Bonifacio – is to represent the whole Divine Comedy and, if resources allow, to face other greats of the past: Michelangelo and Brunelleschi are next on the list. “Da Vinci Face” has first of all a scientific value, because it serves to measure the effectiveness of artificial intelligence “.

Source from the article of “La Nazione”  – June 8th 2022


Se il computer “legge” Dante e crea opere d’arte


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