Services for Internationalization

Mathema has a deep knowledge of the reality of Italian companies abroad and also of individual Italian citizens abroad by virtue of over thirty years of collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI).

Mathema offers the following internationalization services to Italian SMEs:

  • assessment, that is, evaluation of the product and process characteristics, of the strengths and weaknesses of the company;
  • selection of the geographic area or country to which to direct the company;
  • design of a marketing plan for the promotion of the company in the selected geographical area;
  • verification of the results achieved with the implementation of the marketing plan and proposal of adjustments in objectives, strategies or tactics.

In addition, Mathema provides assistance to companies wishing to undertake an internationalization process to find SIMEST funds in implementation of the Relaunch Decree on:

  • Capitalization;
  • Participate in International Fairs, Exhibitions and System Missions;
  • Entry of foreign markets;
  • Temporary Export Manager;
  • E-Commerce;
  • Feasibility Studies;
  • Technical Assistance Programs.

Mathema also deals with inserting Italian SMEs in European consortia for participation in research calls.