Artificial Intelligence and the Arts

Mathema has a unique treasure of knowledge accumulated in more than 35 years of constant innovation.

MathemArt is the division of Mathema – an innovative company based in Florence, Italy, –  aimed at pursuing an original path of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Fine Arts, inspired by the Florentine Renaissance tradition to empower all human creative activities.
The MathemArt manifesto is so synthesized:
  • Art is communication conceived by humans for humans;
  • Art is the representation of an idea, an internal state of the mind and the soul or a feeling;
  • Art is a craftwork at the crossroads of brushes, photoshop and AI.


We are grateful to a lot of people who are supporting MathemArt. In particular we want to thank the friends Filippo Cianfanelli, Gohar Sargsyan and Flavio Tariffi.

MathemArt First Collection

MathemArt First Collection (MAFC) is the collection inaugurating the MathemArt endeavour in Fine Art and it is the result of one year of experimentation in ideas, techniques, tools and intense internal cooperation and discussion.
This is the first but not the last MathmArt collection.
Here is the list of our artworks.