Information Technology, Software Solutions, Consulting


Research is an integral part of Mathema activity. Generally Mathema is committed to large and critical projects, much larger than Mathema itself. So it is common practise to develop some kind of research while in the middle of a critical project.

Research is also part of our education: many of us have an academic background or come from research institutions.

Two remarkable areas of current research are:

  1. human behavior modelling, through multiple and co-ordinate state machines.  Our human behavior model has been widely used to represent the particularly various and complex phenomenon of the Italians abroad;
  2. large database clearing and exploration, as a tool to understand organizations. We have discovered a lot in very large organizations, no one could believe that even possible!


Over the years, there are many specialty gained in the context of software systems. However, the following are now paramount:

  • Data Analysis
  • Information Systems
  • Services to Citizens
  • Geo-referencing
  • Commercial portals
  • Mobile Application
  • Smart cities

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