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  • 2014-2016 EUROSTAR – Sharing Navigation Events from a Ship-as-a-sensor Network SHARES
    SHARES will enable “the ship-as-a-sensor” and the sharing of navigational safety/security concerns, including detected events (oil, piracy,ice…)with other vessels at sea and with shore centres, through unprecedented connectivity. Innovation is in radar, communication, architecture and middleware.
    In recent years, the Game Jam approach has been increasingly effective in bringing stakeholders together around relevant themes and challenges. There is now a need to focus on establishing a sustainable learning hub for raising awareness of educational games and their use within learning environments. JamToday seeks to achieve this by bringing together key organisations at regional, national and European levels to move this work forward. JamToday will support the creation, implementation and deployment of educational games by creating methods and tools and by providing support for events across Europe, at local, regional and national levels. Given the emerging focus on new learning environments, JamToday will also support the move towards games as contextual interventions and foster awareness-raising and innovation between the games and learning sectors with the intention of demonstrating real-life impact
  • 2015-2018 H2020 CloudSoket
    The project aims to encompass a “hybrid process” modelling framework that reconciliates semantic inference, rule-based inference, meta-modelling management techniques and knowledge management techniques in order to bring SMEs closer to the Cloud by making it attractive for them to incorporate cloud resources and components for their realization of their goals. The proposed framework implements a layered approach for managing the complexity of bridging the semantic distance from business process to workflow configuration of Business Processes in the Cloud.
    (1) A Knowledge-Based Approach
    (2) Business Processes in the Cloud
    (3) Substanstial SME support
  • 2016-2020 H2020 REPLICATE – REnaissance of PLaces with Innovative Citizenship And TEchnologies
    REPLICATE is a European research and development project that aims to deploy integrated energy, mobility and ICT solutions in city districts.
    There are three lead cities (called Smart City ‘Lighthouses’), which include San Sebastian in Spain, Florence in Italy and Bristol in Great Britain. There are also a number of other ‘follower’ cities that will look into replicating interventions in their cities including Essen (Germany), Nilüfer (Turkey) and Lausanne (Switzerland). In addition to this, there are also a number of ‘observer’ cities, such as, Guangzhou (China) and Bogota (Colombia), as well as international networks who will take part in learning and dissemination of results. The project has a Consortium that consists of 36 partners.
  • Tuscany Region – DI-ASD Diagnosi precoce per la sindrome dello spettro autistico

















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