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Mathema is an Italian company that operates in the Information Technology (IT) field since 1987.

Mathema typically acts as partner of large companies (ministries, banks, institutions) providing design and technical support, with great flexibility and reliability.
In particular, Mathema has considerable experience in the area of register systems administered by Public Administrations such as diplomatic missions and municipalities.

Mathema has also a rather varied customers portfolio composed of small and medium enterprises. Mathema allows these organizations to keep pace with technical and commercial developments of the web and new technologies (e.g. mobile device).

Mathema maintains stable and lasting relationships both with clients and with the internal staff who has worked with continuity in the organization.

Short History

Red Period (1987-1990)

Red is the color of fire, the fire of the initial training, consulting and programming in small projects;
Purple Period (1991-1995)

Purple is the color of transformation and the passage from minor to major projects and the meeting of Big Institutions;
Blue Period (1996-1999)

Blue is the color of satisfaction and adaptation: the choice of the Web as a reference technological and conceptual framework, the discovery of Europe and European projects;
Green Period (2000-2009)

Green is the color of stability and strength: the success of the Italian European elections, the discovery of restoring data methods, the great global information systems and multinational companies.
White Period (2010-2014)
White that is, the integration of all colors. The period, in fact, is characterized by the integration of all the methods and technologies in a new model of information system which both spatial (geo-referencing), temporal (events) components, embedded in the physical reality (mobile, social, biometrics).


The management of Mathema is entirely composed by its founders who perform all main technical, administrative, financial and commercial management functions, using a very select group of professionals, especially in the financial and administrative areas.

The organizational model is of type Auftragstaktik (a.k.a. mission control).

In practice, management defines the intent by specifying it in a simple and clear way and assigns it to project teams. After that, the project team works in total autonomy in accordance with the specifications of the intent. In this way it is possible to reconcile flexibility of action, which is essential for an organization like Mathema, and alignment with goals.

To make this mechanism, efficient and effective but difficult to implement, it is necessary to adopt a policy of constant staff empowerment that is constantly urging people to improve.


Some strengths of Mathema are worth reporting. In particular:

A thorough knowledge of Public Administrations. Thanks to twenty-five years of work, Mathema knows the technical, organizational, political, and even the language and communication of these major Institutions.

The perfect awareness of the role that Mathema plays and should play for the Public Administration. In practice Mathema always has the task of reaching intents that are difficult and sometimes risky, providing ability, flexibility and speed of execution.

The great ability to solve practical problems that unfolds in an incessant, almost obsessive, research and testing of new tools and techniques more and more powerful.

Competitive Advantages

A first very significant competitive advantage is the exceptional quality / price ratio of Mathema, who manages to achieve goals that produce huge savings to the customer, large gains in image (with the introduction of innovative technologies) and high levels of efficiency by means of a wise use of technology that promotes human resources at affordable costs for large organizations.

A second advantage is the “Mathema System” which is the model followed over the years to get opportunities:

  • Observation – we first study carefully the problem area;
  • Modeling – we devise a plan of action based on the intent;
  • Action –  with determination a decisive step to action is taken.

Also in this Mathema acts with the camaraderie and professionalism of elite troops, having created a jargon and a method by all well-known and thoroughly shared.


The strategic intent of Mathema are:

  • To strengthen the market presence of the Italian Public Administration, participating in numerous initiatives Digital Agenda Italian;
  • To make available to the other countries (particularly in the Balkans, Eurasia, and North Africa) the great experience Mathema in managing data, with particular reference to compatriots abroad;
  • To redesign the main business functions in order to optimize costs and seize the many opportunities offered by the market.

Economic and Financial Values

Over the past three years (2010-1012) Mathema has consistently achieved a turnover of around two million Euros per year.

In 2013 there could be a slight decline in sales due to the crisis of the Italian banking group MPS.

Mathema is characterized, in addition, for having zero debt.


Mathema is a reality rather unique in the market of IT in that it is a kind of “task force”. Simplifying, we could define Mathema as a sort of “special IT forces”.

The excellent results achieved, in terms of professional and economic results, confirmed year after year, can not, however, circumvent the need for market expansion especially in the direction of international markets.

Mathema has already gone down this road of internationalization since the Blue Period, but this goal must be pushed further.

Mathema has a unique treasure of knowledge accumulated in the years that it is our duty to spread and share.

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